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Teacher with Tablet

What is my teaching style?

I am very systematic, meticulous and patient.

I believe strongly in tempering discipline with positive reinforcement.

  1. I perform an individual needs analysis to understand your child’s academic baseline.

  2. I customise my teaching rigour to build your child’s confidence in learning.

  3. I customise my level of demand on your child to maintain a high level of motivation.

  4. I use my silly sense of humour to keep your child engaged and focused while having fun learning.

  5. I help your child with homework management.

Keeping my class size small allows me to do this highly effectively.

Max = 8 students per class

Online English Enrichment Classes

2 hours  |  $120 per lesson

small group size for a premium experience = 8 students max

The curriculum is specially developed to help students master exam skills.

The lesson content will increase students' general knowledge, creativity and problem-solving ability.

Sec 1

Thu - 7.30pm
Sat - 3.45pm

Sec 2

Sat - 11am

Sun - 3.45pm

Sec 3

Sun - 11am

Sun - 1.30pm

Sec 4

Wed - 7.30pm

Sat - 1.30pm

  • Worksheets in .pdf format will be e-mailed to students (at least 1 day before).

  • Students should prepare stationery beforehand and put away any distractions.

  • It is highly recommended that students fully utilise their webcams and microphones to keep sessions interactive.

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