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Let’s bring joy back into learning English.

Let’s make learning feel good again.

Let’s help learners gain confidence to succeed.

Owl Academy was founded in Singapore by Joanne Chang, a highly passionate and effective English teacher with 23 years of experience helping over 3000 students achieve their goals and training hundreds of teachers.


Miss Chang is the author of the answer key for SAP's 2024 edition of the O-Level English TYS (Ten-Year Series), a licensed publication of past O-Level English examination papers.


At Owl Academy, you'll gain access to quality teaching that will create a clear improvement in your child's appreciation of the English language. Coupled with rigorous training in exam skills, this will equip your child with the confidence to perform better during examinations.



What does it mean to succeed?

My definition of success is when one has the wisdom and desire to make lives better for not just themselves but also others.


If that resonates with you and you’re tired of the bureaucracy of large enrichment businesses, join me.

I assure you that your child will learn far more than what they can find on the screen of a digital device.


Online English Enrichment Classes

2 hours  |  $120 per lesson

small group size for a premium experience = 8 students max

The curriculum is specially developed to help students master exam skills.

The lesson content will increase students' general knowledge, creativity and problem-solving ability.

Sec 1

Thu - 7.30pm
Sat - 3.45pm

Sec 2

Sat - 11am

Sun - 3.45pm

Sec 3

Sun - 11am

Sun - 1.30pm

Sec 4

Wed - 7.30pm

Sat - 1.30pm

  • Worksheets in .pdf format will be e-mailed to students (at least 1 day before).

  • Students should prepare stationery beforehand and put away any distractions.

  • It is highly recommended that students fully utilise their webcams and microphones to keep sessions interactive.

Student Testimonials

Thanks for being an amazing teacher these past 4 years! Here's a list of reasons you're awesome!

  1. You're really funny & witty.

  2. Your lessons are super duper interesting.

  3. You're nice & caring, and you always buy us gifts from your overseas trips.

  4. You actually help me understand things.

  5. You are incredibly dedicated to teaching us.

Thanks for being one of the best teachers ever! :)

Kelly Q. (with Miss Chang from S1 - 4)

Miss Chang, you've been a really awesome-tastic fantabulous English teacher! :)


Thank you for making English lessons so fun and entertaining! There hasn't been a single lesson where I left the class feeling tired or sleepy because your lessons are simply exciting.


Thanks for being such a cool teacher!

Ann C. (with Miss Chang from S1 - 4)

You are not only our teacher. You are our friend, philosopher and guide, all moulded into one person. 

"A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others."

That's you! You are an amazing, fab, awesome teacher! Thank you for all that you've done for me.

Erica W. (with Miss Chang from S1 - 4)

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