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Do you work with a charity?


I have volunteered with charities since a young age. Helping others is a lifelong passion of mine. I would love to offer my expertise in teaching and teacher training.

If you work with / know of a charity that needs a consult or teacher training for an educational programme or tutoring service, please reach out to me at


Any work I do for charities will always be free. If I can help, I will gladly do so!

Who has benefitted from Owl Academy's teaching?

Non-Profit Organisation & Registered Charity


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Established in 1981, Care Corner provides social and health care services to build hope and promote well-being for those in need. With 38 service points across Singapore, they help children with learning needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds, youths at risk, troubled families, vulnerable seniors, and individuals with counselling and mental health needs. They provide a holistic continuum of care to the marginalised across their life stages and major transitions.

"Thank you for approaching our centre to provide quality workshops for our clients' children. We appreciate your support to help them do well in their national exams. We look forward to more collaborations in the future!"

Non-Profit Organisation & Registered Charity


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Founded in 2002, Children's Wishing Well provides a broad range of services for children and youth from low-income families nationwide. They support their beneficiaries' current educational and daily living needs, and equip them with skills for their future, so as to build a strong foundation for them to contribute as useful members of society.

"We are truly grateful to you for conducting the workshops for our children. We have received amazing feedback from the kids and their parents. We would love for you to include us in future workshops."



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Formerly known as Bukit Ho Swee Family Service Centre, South Central Community Family Service Centre (SCC) provides support to the low-income and vulnerable families in our community. While giving support to families who seek help for financial, social or relationship issues, they encourage community self-help and cooperation.

"Miss Chang ensured I understood and gave me tips that will come in very handy."

"Miss Chang taught in a fun way which engaged us and helped us remember!"

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