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What do parents say?

My son has done an online English class in Sec 2 but he did not enjoy it as much as with Teacher Joanne. Her lessons are interesting and effective. Joanne puts in a lot of effort in teaching her students and I am very pleased that my son has improved a lot within one term. Most importantly, she cares about her students and their progress. I wish we got to know her earlier! 😊

Mdm Wong



Joanne is a very responsive tutor who is personally involved with her students' performance. Her tutoring is very structured, clear and concise. Her feedback to her students is also very helpful. She pays attention to my daughter even though it is an online session.

Ms Ng

Both my upper secondary sons are learning a lot from Teacher Joanne’s lessons, and they have shown improvement. She is a passionate and committed teacher who gives me regular feedback on my sons’ progress. I appreciate her extra effort which is not common with other tutors. Thank you, Teacher Joanne!

Mrs Ong

Joanne makes an effort to understand my son’s weakness. She provided him with detailed guidelines to learn his English so that he was clear on each section of the paper.

Mr Teo

Ms Chang is a passionate and responsible teacher. She cares for her students wholeheartedly. My child enjoys attending her class and we are glad that we found her.

Mdm Yap


Miss Chang is a dedicated teacher who is very attentive to her students. She takes a holistic approach in her teaching method and lessons.


My child enjoys her classes very much and we really appreciate her efforts in helping my child to improve.

Mrs Ang

Joanne is one of the best English teachers I've known for years. She is engaging, witty, honourable, knowledgeable, compassionate, personable and empathetic. Her style of delivery suits a wide range of students and has been most helpful for students with learning differences. She is a great teacher and an even better person. I am glad my son is in her safe hands. Thank you, Joanne.

Mr Tham


Ms Joanne is a one-of-a-kind teacher that provides students with an encouraging and friendly environment to actively particpate in class discussions and raise helpful questions without feeling shy. Patient and kind, she's thorough in the explanation of questions, backed with additional resources like tips and advice, which help improve my daughter's answering techniques. Not only does she expose them to new words to develop their vocabulary, she also keeps them up-to-date with current global affairs and trends to expand their awareness. Such dedication and commitment to teaching is why I'm confident that my daughter will learn a lot from her.

Mrs Ng


Joanne has been a very encouraging and passionate tutor! One thing I really appreciate is the prompt feedback on how we can better partner each other on helping my kids and be able to instil positively to them to better themselves. Thank you!

Ms Koh


Teacher Joanne is a very caring and passionate teacher. Her lesson materials are very professionally planned. My daughter enjoys her lesson every week.

Mdm Kam


Miss Chang’s dedication to supporting and guiding our son like a third parent is well appreciated.

Mdm Kok


My son Ethan has improved a lot in his O-Level English under the guidance of Miss Joanne Chang. More importantly, his confidence has increased.


Would strongly recommend Owl Academy!

Mr Chung

Energetic, fun, creative, positive, patient, inspiring, dedicated and caring are just a few words I would use to describe Joanne.


Her holistic approach, teaching style and programme structure help to not only create a love for the language and strong writing / presentation / communication skills, but also encourage him to be confident, creative and independent.


In just a short time, we’ve seen a big change in him. What is awesome is how he shares excitedly about what he learnt and what he has been tasked to do for the following week. Stark contrast compared to his many years at an ‘established’ centre.


Placing Hayden in Joanne’s class was the best decision we’ve made!

Mrs Wong



Teacher Joanne is a very committed educator. She is very detailed in her marking which is very helpful for my child to know his mistakes and improve. She puts in effort in communicating with my child and me. My child has improved in his literacy and gained more general knowledge because of the well-crafted materials and up-to-date content. I’m happy that my child has improved in his writing and speech. Thank you, Teacher Joanne.

Mrs Wan

Teacher Joanne is an exemplary teacher who will go beyond the extra mile for her students and truly cares from the bottom of her heart . She is more than just a teacher to my son as she regularly checks in, listens, counsels & shows empathy not only on academic issues, but also on his overall well-being. My son doesn’t really like tuition but she is one of the very few teachers that he can relate to & respects as he appreciates her care & concern. Not only is she very experienced in the English curriculum, but she is also kind, dedicated, sincere & thoughtful & never forgets to inject humour into her lessons. She also gives constructive feedback to my son after each lesson and areas of improvement needed. Overall, she is making a huge impact & a pillar of support for our family’s life.  I can’t thank her enough for her guidance & support & I highly recommend her if you are looking for a nurturing teacher who can positively impact your kid’s life  😘 !

Mrs Lee


Teacher Joanne is extremely experienced and can evaluate her students’ strengths and weaknesses very accurately. Her fun and engaging teaching method encourages her students to open up and learn effectively. She marks every piece of homework with a fine-tooth comb, and gives concrete and logical suggestions for improvement. My son has shown tremendous improvement under her guidance. Even though lessons are conducted online, we never feel the distance as she communicates regularly with both her students and parents. She's a gem! 😊

Mrs Lim

Ms Chang has been teaching my daughter who is going on to Sec 4 in 2022 for about 2 months and I have already seen improvements in her writing and her motivation towards the English language. I have added her comments as well as my own in this review.


Ms Chang is a very engaging teacher that makes each lesson interesting. She is able to connect to her students even though lessons are via Zoom.


She is a very passionate and responsible teacher that has a heart for her students. She takes time to get to know every single one of her students, helps them out and is open to any questions. She encourages students in class and even mails gifts to them. My daughter received a card and letter from Ms Chang with cute stickers to encourage her.


I appreciate that she keeps me updated on my daughter’s progress and finds ways to work with her to overcome initial adjustment challenges. I highly recommend Ms Chang if you are looking for a teacher who not only has good teaching skills but who cares about your child as well.

Mrs Lim



Teacher Joanne is a very caring and engaging tutor. She keeps me updated on my children’s progress regularly. My children enjoy the lessons with her and she gives constructive feedback to them on how to improve their work. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a responsible, patient and dedicated tutor who would go the extra mile for your children.

Mrs Ong

Joanne forges a strong partnership with my child and me. Her lessons are lively with excellent materials and content which keep my child interested, engaged, and motivated.

Mrs Lee

"I love my English tuition!" is what I often hear now when my daughter ends class with Ms Chang. Ms Chang's classes are both practical and topical, ensuring that her students continue to build a strong foundation in English and on top of that, develop a keen interest in current affairs. Her classes are also stimulating, as evident from the discussions that I can hear going on! Ms Chang can get my normally shy daughter to open up and give her opinion on a topic, which is a testament to her skills as an educator. I would highly recommend Ms Chang's classes.

Mrs Wong



Miss Chang is an experienced, dedicated, and patient teacher. Her weekly lessons are engaging, fun, and beneficial. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and we really appreciate that she goes the extra mile to constantly update us about my daughter’s progress. We are pleased that she is in good hands and would highly recommend Miss Chang to anyone who is interested in learning. Thumbs up! 👍

Mrs Heng

Miss Chang is a dedicated and passionate teacher who makes her lessons fun, enjoyable and beneficial.  My children enjoyed attending her lessons. They learnt a lot from her lessons too. She also kept me informed of my children’s progress. Really appreciate all her efforts.

Mrs Ku



Miss Chang is very engaging, making it a joy to attend every week. My child looks forward to attending her class, not forgetting the book and cute stickers posted to her. Topics discussed are usually current affairs and valuable life lessons which add depth to their writing. My child has benefitted a lot under her guidance. Highly recommended!

Mrs Ang

When my child was in P5 and P6 at The Learning Lab, she was very fortunate to be taught by Ms Chang, a very experienced and senior teacher. My child says that her teaching style is very good, her explanation is very clear. Ms Chang is also a very hardworking teacher who will mark the students’ composition and give very good comments and suggestions on ways to improve the writing. Thumbs Up!

Mrs How

Miss Chang is an excellent teacher. She is patient, encouraging and has never used harsh words on her students. She doesn't just teach the subject but she teaches my son about life as well. My son is in Sec 3 this year and he enjoys her lessons very much. Highly recommended as good and passionate teachers are not easy to find.

Mrs Liau


Miss Joanne is a patient tutor who really cares for her students. She keeps me updated regularly on my child's progress and gives constructive feedback on how to help my child do better. My child is able to relate to her and feels at ease. Her lessons are engaging and targeted. I am appreciative of the extra mile she goes for my child.

Mrs Lack

Joanne is a caring teacher who understands the needs of her students and will work hard in correcting their mistakes. She is also very passionate about teaching as every lesson my child attends is full of excitement and fun. I would like to thank Joanne for the love she shows towards my child.

Mrs Ho

My daughter told us that you are one of the most inspiring teachers who have taught her. She can apply what you teach diligently to school projects and homework. She also told us she has benefitted a lot from the knowledge acquired during your English lessons. We are glad that she has enjoyed your English lessons. Very few English teachers can make English lessons lively, enjoyable and beneficial.  


Thank you for your help and efforts to give her advice for her speech.  We truly appreciate your diligence and efforts.

Mrs Ng

I am very thankful that my son has been placed under your coaching and guidance. He enjoys every lesson with you and is always looking forward to your class. He may be passive and usually takes a while to feel comfortable in a new setting. But with you, the chemistry worked instantly during the very 1st online lesson, like magic. 

Once again, thank you for walking through the learning journey with him.

Mrs Ong

Joanne is a super caring, committed and talented educator. She would be such an inspiration to the young minds!

Mdm Seah

Joanne Chang is an excellent teacher. She makes all her lessons so engaging and fun. She creates and chooses interesting topics to get her students really interested in their learning. She follows up closely with her students and addresses all their learning gaps. She ensures that they do their work well and gives prompt and constructive feedback to help them improve in their work. I am so glad that she is teaching my son as I know that he is in good hands.

Mdm Chung



My girl is very fortunate to have Joanne as her English teacher. We are currently relocated to USA and Joanne understands our needs and goes the extra mile of letting my girl know the different spelling between American and British English, marking her work as an IP student even though Joanne’s class is in mainstream English to equip her to be ready when we return to Singapore. My girl is an ex-TLL student before we left for USA, hence Joanne’s materials and teaching style is another plus point for my girl as she was a former TLL experienced teacher. Good class size, fully online class another plus point! What’s more important is Joanne is a very engaging, encouraging and passionate teacher… Her marking is very detailed and she offers coaching and points out areas for improvement. I also like that she is a teacher with non-teaching working experience. Her feedback on my girl's presentation during the previous lesson demonstrated that she is a professional and she is preparing the students to be ready for the working world, not just for exams! Joanne makes the difference! My younger girl will definitely sign up for her class in Nov!

Mrs Chan

Ms Joanne Chang is a very experienced English teacher. She partners with parents closely to customise her holistic approach to teaching each of her students. She is a great mentor to her teenage students by showing physical examples of how they can improve. A well-respected teacher and a good friend to my son. He has improved greatly under her care. Highly recommended!

Mrs Tan


Teacher Joanne is a very caring, dedicated and committed teacher. She will go the extra mile to help my child when he is struggling with his homework and make an effort to give my child guidance. She often updates me on my child's progress. Interesting and excellent materials is my child's feedback. I highly recommend Teacher Joanne! Thank you Joanne for your hard work and we really appreciate you. 💖

Mrs Khoo

Thank you for being patient with my son. He is very blessed to have a caring teacher like you. I really appreciate your help.


Thanks for giving him encouragement. He was telling me that he read for class today and showed me the video of him inside. He was so happy! It's good training to speak up in class.

Mrs Liau

I'm so glad my daughter has improved. She is beginning to like English and it's all thanks to you. I really hope she will work hard and get A1 for English! She loves your lessons as she said you always crack jokes that make learning so fun! Also, your constant encouragement has boosted her confidence! So glad to have found you. Thanks for your patience and guidance all this while.

Mrs Tan

My son is learning well from you and he looks forward to your lesson every week. He commented that you teach extra and make sure your students learn. Thank you for your effort!

Mrs Teo


My daughter enjoyed the class a lot as she used funny examples to capture the class's attention. Great job, Teacher Joanne!!!

Mrs Tan

This teacher is very experienced and kind. She goes out of her way to help students who struggle with their work.

Mdm Chua

Your kindness and positive influence on your students have accelerated my son's learning. Thank you for taking great effort and time to validate his work and we know he is putting in effort now. Feeling thankful.

Thank you so much for your personal sharing and kind words for my son! I feel touched that he has had a special bond with a teacher since Secondary 1. We feel fortunate that he is able to attend your lessons even though we had to change the timing. I feel relieved.

Mrs Ng



Unique teaching approach and charity.

Mr Kuo

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