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What do students say?

I want to let you know that I’ll miss you so much!!! Thank you for all the guidance you’ve given me throughout these years. A lot of the things you’ve said and advice you’ve given has made a big impact on the way I think and on my life. A lot of the time after lessons or in the middle of the week, I find myself rethinking about things you said in class and really pondering about them. Even if it was a small thing like putting a full stop after a sentence or if it was a big concept that you offered new and different perspectives to, it was always refreshing and fun. A lot your words have really stuck with me!


Although I only meet you for 2 hours a week, you seem like such a constant in my life now. Thank you for being a figure I felt and feel I can turn to. You’ve inspired me to be a better person.


I’m very, very grateful for you and all the help and happiness you’ve given me throughout my years with you!!! I hope you’ll stay happy and healthy and have a fruitful journey. Thank you so much, Miss Chang!!!

I did not look forward to English enrichment classes until I transferred and had you as my English teacher. I now realise I can learn more than just what is contained within the materials. Thank you very much for exposing us to many new things, even YouTube videos and channels, as weird and funny but meaningful as they may be.


Thank you for always understanding us and making us laugh with your jokes and funny examples which really work as they are memorable. Thank you for teaching us many life lessons during class, letting us discuss meaningful topics with you, letting us share our experiences and letting us learn from your experiences as well. (Thank you for sharing them!) I have learnt many values from you such as openness, a positive mindset, humility and, most importantly, gratitude.


Most of all, thank you for your hard work through the many years as our teacher. Thank you for your encouragement and advice during classes. Thank you for being my teacher, whose classes I really enjoy. I will really miss you a lot and English lessons will really be different without you. Thank you for having been part of my teenage life and I really hope I will have the opportunity to cross paths with you once again. Thank you, Miss Chang. I will miss you!

Megan H. (with Miss Chang from Sec 2 - 4)

Chloe W. (with Miss Chang from Sec 2 - 4)



Mrs Liau

Mrs Tan

I can’t believe it’s our last lesson; I’ve always looked forward to attending your lessons and time has passed really fast. It’s hard to convey how grateful I am and how much I’ve learnt, be it in terms of English (I’m so much more confident expressing myself in the language than before) and especially in terms of life – all facets of it.


Thank you, Miss Chang, for being more than a teacher, so much more: I remember the different life skills you have imparted to us (whether legal or otherwise!) and, most of all, your passion for education, belief in us and personal conviction in our potential. Words cannot do justice to my gratitude. I guess all I can say is: continue infecting others with your optimism and all the best for the future. I will miss you very much.

It has been a pleasure to be in your class. I have learnt a lot of things from you, not only in English, but also other valuable knowledge and values. You are always so cheerful and energetic, making lessons interesting and engaging.


After listening to some of your experiences, it really spurred me to do something like that too. I want to join Habitat for Humanity on building trips and I will definitely go diving in the future. So many things to explore out there!


Thank you for all your encouragement and valuable feedback. It is so fun to be in your class and you are a great teacher, really. All the best for everything you do! Remember to stay happy and cheerful as always. Thank you for being my teacher!

Chua S. J. (with Miss Chang from Sec 1 - 4)

Lu L. R. (with Miss Chang from Sec 1 - 4)

Thank you for being such a fabulous English teacher. Thank you for always brightening my day whenever I go for lessons. Your cheerfulness and excitement are infectious, and I never fail to leave class with a grin on my face.


Thank you for always listening to us, giving us a chance to express ourselves, understanding what’s going on in our lives. You’re a teacher who has really made a difference in my life – you’ve taught me so, so much – not just in terms of the English language, but also how to live life to the fullest.


I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you are one of my role models, and you are one of the people whom I really, really admire. I’m incredibly blessed to have you as a teacher and suffice to say, you’ve changed my life.

Thank you for being an amazing teacher these past few years. It’s been a crazy journey throughout the 2 upper secondary years and I’m grateful that I had the honour to spend it with you. I’m honestly sad I won’t be in your class anymore. (Please, please, please consider teaching General Paper.)


You have been a super fun teacher, definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. Some of my best memories were formed in your class with all your humorous ways. Thanks for all the memories and for helping me develop a love for language!

Clara C. (with Miss Chang from Sec 1 - 4)

Denise L. (with Miss Chang from Sec 1 - 4)

THANK YOU for helping me and being so supportive of me over the past 6 years! Thank you for seeing me through tough times (especially PSLE and my upcoming O Levels). I’ve always looked forward to your classes (I don’t really like classes in general) and will miss them very much in the future.


I am not very good at putting my emotions down on paper but thank you for being a great teacher and thank you very much for all your assistance (curricular and outside of the curriculum or whenever I’ve had problems). Thank you for making these 6 years very, very memorable ones!

OMG! It has been 4 years since you first taught me and I would never have imagined myself writing this farewell letter to you so soon. From when I was a bumbling, careless P6-er leaving tonnes of grammatical errors everywhere, I have really transformed greatly due to your guidance. This, I say sincerely from the bottom of my heart – I would not be where I am without you, neither would I have improved so quickly.


You have always been the brightest, most energetic and humorous which made every Wednesday evening the highlight of our week. I will always remember how you showed care and concern for us through little actions like reminding us to include everyone, stopping us when our jokes went overboard, buying food for us and especially counselling me when I had personal struggles.


I will never forget you. I hope you will stay forever happy and a great teacher who inspires and motivates your students like what you have done for me. This is so hard to say but goodbye, Miss Chang. I hope I will see you again someday.

Lee L. Y. (with Miss Chang from P5 - Sec 4)

Chong H. X. (with Miss Chang from Sec 1 - 4)

Thanks so much for all of your care and guidance in class and outside of it! I really want to thank you for helping me with my personal statement and providing me with valuable advice throughout the whole process. I wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for you!


I feel very fortunate to have you as my teacher. You are the best English teacher IMO. You are always so encouraging and constantly giving us feedback and precious comments to ensure that we are consistently improving, as well as making sure that the lessons stay fun and enjoyable at the same time. Your random jokes and all the surprising things you bring to class (the screaming rubber chicken is hard to forget) never fail to make us laugh.


Other than academics, you have also taught me many valuable life lessons and the importance of character in our lives. From you, I have also learnt to always keep everything simple for simplicity is the best way to go. I truly respect you not just as my teacher but also as a person. You are someone whom I really look up to and see as a role model. I am truly thankful to have learnt so much from you and I am looking forward to more!

I am really thankful for all the help you have given me over the past 2 years. Thank you for always being there for me and constantly emphasising the importance of character development. It has truly shaped me as a person and made me more aware of the people around me. I will remember the repeated reminders to put full stops at the end of my sentences. I will remember the bubbly laughter that you brought into class to make learning enjoyable. I will remember the stickers and encouraging comments that spurred me to constantly improve and never give up. Lastly, I am truly blessed that you have been not only just a teacher but also someone I can confide in over my worries. Thank you!

Rick H. (with Miss Chang from Sec 1 - 4)

Brian T. (with Miss Chang from Sec 3 - 4)

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