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Joanne Chang (Founder)

Before establishing Owl Academy, Miss Chang honed her craft at The Learning Lab, a well-known enrichment centre in Singapore.


During her tenure, she played the roles of:

* English Teacher (to over 3000 students)

* Teacher Trainer (to hundreds of teachers)

* Head of Teaching and Teacher Training

My Philosophy

Education should prepare a learner for all aspects of life – joys, struggles, and even times of despair.


Values-driven learning roots students in the values that matter to them. These will be their compass in life.


How do they respond to their experiences in life?

How do these experiences make them feel?

How do the outcomes shape who they become?


I encourage my students to question.

Too often, students are told to not question. This is dangerous. They MUST ask.

I provide teenagers with a safe space to be honest and ask the important questions.


I do not have all the answers.

I facilitate open discussions during lessons.

I introduce them to the great thinkers who exist and have existed.

I help them relate their real-life experiences to our lesson content.


Sometimes the answers do not come immediately, but giving students a voice allows them to arrive at the answers that will truly make a difference in their resplendent lives.


I journey with my students to learn beyond the usual academic curriculum as we explore essential topics such as:

  • Applying positive psychology (happiness, gratitude, self-compassion)

  • Nurturing meaningful relationships (family, friends, work)

  • Caring for our community

  • Cultivating creativity

  • Demonstrating leadership

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