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Why do I teach?

I absolutely love teaching.


When I teach, it is electric. I feel totally alive. It is my calling. This is no surprise given that my father was a secondary school principal who devoted his entire career to educating young minds.

I love mentoring youths because I had many personal struggles growing up and I wish I had a mentor to guide me. I am there for my students as they navigate the varied challenges youths face today, even after they graduate from my classes. They know with comforting certainty that everything I do is out of a pure desire to help them succeed in life.

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My students know I care.


I believe teachers and parents are allies. I am very approachable and easily reachable. I enjoy supporting parents who are stressed over their child’s progress, be it academic or non-academic. It takes a village to raise a child, so I look for opportunities to help strengthen parent-child relationships.

I assure you that this man is not Santa. This is Mr Welsh, my beloved history teacher during my Year 12 studies in Perth. Mr Welsh showed me how much of a positive difference a caring teacher can make in a student's life. I owe much of who I am to him.


Thank you, Mr Welsh, for all you've done for me. Thank you for embracing the person I was, believing in me and, most of all, helping me learn to believe in myself. I am and will always be grateful to you!

Online English Enrichment Classes

2 hours  |  $120 per lesson

small group size for a premium experience = 8 students max

The curriculum is specially developed to help students master exam skills.

The lesson content will increase students' general knowledge, creativity and problem-solving ability.

Sec 1

Thu - 7.30pm
Sat - 3.45pm

Sec 2

Sat - 11am

Sun - 3.45pm

Sec 3

Sun - 11am

Sun - 1.30pm

Sec 4

Wed - 7.30pm

Sat - 1.30pm

  • Worksheets in .pdf format will be e-mailed to students (at least 1 day before).

  • Students should prepare stationery beforehand and put away any distractions.

  • It is highly recommended that students fully utilise their webcams and microphones to keep sessions interactive.

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