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Do you work with a charity?


I have volunteered with charities since a young age. Helping others is a lifelong passion of mine. I would love to offer my expertise in teaching and teacher training.

If you work with / know of a charity that needs a consult or teacher training for an educational programme or tutoring service, please reach out to me at


Any work I do for charities will always be free. If I can help, I will gladly do so!

O-LEVEL ENGLISH MADE EASY! (free for needy students)

I will be running O-Level English skills-based online workshops for students from Sec 1 - 4 during the June holidays. There is a fee for members of the public but I'd love to extend a warm invitation to students under the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme to attend for free. I have designed the workshops such that they will help students of varied ability levels to master exam skills.

Is education really the great equaliser? No, it's not. I want to do what little I can to change that. Let's give underprivileged kids the help they need to catch up or get ahead!

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