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O-Level English Made Easy!

(for Sec 1 - 4 students)

Skills-Based Online Workshops (2 hours)

1 session = $150

2 sessions = $260

3 sessions = $350

Teacher: Joanne Chang, founder of Owl Academy

Are you worried about your child's English grades?

Here's the solution.

These skills-based online workshops help secondary school students master the skills needed to ace their English exams!

Includes all of the following:

– Cheat Sheets

– Exam-savvy Answering Techniques

– Skills Practice + Review + Answer Keys

– Vocab List (350+ frequently tested words)

What will my child need?

  • access to Zoom (microphones & webcams are unnecessary)

  • stationery (pens, highlighters)

  • foolscap paper

I will be emailing .pdf files of the cheat sheets and skills practice worksheets before the workshops.


It is highly recommended that these be printed out.

If that is not possible, students can make do with the soft copies but it will be less easy for them to follow.

Who will benefit?

These workshops are targeted at Secondary 14 Express students to give them an edge over their peers.


They focus on skills mastery so they are suited for all students of all ability levels who will eventually sit for the O-Level English exam.


Visual Text + Summary

for Sec 1 - 4 students

7.30pm - 9.30pm | 6 Sep (Mon)



for Sec 1 - 4 students

7.30pm - 9.30pm | 7 Sep (Tue)

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 1.14.03 PM.png

Situational Writing Workshop * NEW*

for Sec 1 - 4 students

11am - 1pm | 5 Sep (Sun)

7.30pm - 9.30pm | 10 Sep (Fri)

Special $100 Rebate
(for new students)

Workshop attendees will receive a $100 rebate upon enrolment for a full term of English enrichment classes.

Online English Enrichment Classes

2 hours  |  $120 per lesson

small group size for a premium experience = 8 students max

The curriculum is specially developed to help students master exam skills.

The lesson content will increase students' general knowledge, creativity and problem-solving ability.

Sec 1  (O Level)

Wed - 7.30pm
Sat - 1.30pm

Sec 2 (O Level)

Thu - 7.30pm
Sat - 3.45pm

Sec 3 (O Level)

Sat - 11am
Sun - 3.45pm

Sec 4 (O Level)

Sun - 1.30pm

  • Worksheets in .pdf format will be e-mailed to students (at least 3 days before).

  • Students should prepare stationery beforehand and put away any distractions.

  • It is highly recommended that students fully utilise their webcams and microphones to keep sessions interactive.

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