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What life skills do teens need for independence?

Updated: May 14, 2021

by Joanne Chang (Founder of Owl Academy)

Do schools genuinely teach teenagers essential life skills? When I moved to Perth, Australia to complete my final year of study before university, the biggest concern my parents seemed to have was whether I knew how to operate a washing machine! Was their concern warranted? After I had had a satisfying giggle, I realised that I had not used a washing machine in my previous 17 years of existence. Like many Asian children, I had been spoilt and had never needed to do my own laundry.

As I followed the meandering path of my adult life, I discovered that there were MANY practical skills my education had not equipped me with...filing taxes, money management and cooking, to name a few. For a longer list of beneficial life skills for teens, click here and watch this video, so your child will be better prepared than I was.

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